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Reflection Questions 19 Aug 2012

Hi all,
Here are the questions to guide your reflection. Please reflect deeply not just on the experience but also its implications and applications, if applicable. Quality and honest reflection is expected. 

(For everybody)
Question 1 
How did you feel when you were told that you have to go back to SST by going through the forest? Explain why you felt that way.

Question 2
What were the positive (if any) and negative (if any) thoughts that went through your head when you were told that you have to go through the forest? Explain why you thought that way.

(For students who did not want to take up the challenge)
Question 3
What were the key factors (in order of priority) that influenced you to decide against taking up the challenge? Please elaborate.

Question 4
How did you feel when you see the more adventurous group succeeding in getting out of the forest safe and sound?

Question 5
Do you think you would want to take up the same challenge in future? Why?

(For students who took up the challenge)
Question 6
Why did you take up the challenge?

Question 7
Was there any factor(s) (in order of priority) that could have prevented you from taking up the challenge? How did you overcome them?

Question 8
Describe your experience in the forest?

(For everybody)
Question 9
Why do you think the challenge was posed to the group?

Question 10
What have you learnt about yourself from taking up or walking away from the challenge?

Question 11
Is the outdoor education philosophy of "Challenge by Choice" applicable in life? Why?

All reflections must be handed into the pigeon hole of Mr Lam by 6 p.m. Monday 25 Aug.

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